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The Academy Trust of Melksham (ATOM) is a multi-academy trust of eight schools:

  • Bowerhill,
  • Melksham Oak,
  • St George’s,
  • St Mary’s,
  • Seend,
  • Shaw.
  • Forest & Sandridge
  • The Manor.

The ATOM was created to enable the schools to build on their existing good practice and collaborative work, whilst preserving each school’s distinctive ethos. 

Our underlying principles are:

  • To deliver great education through a commitment to collaboration to benefit the young people in Melksham and its surrounding villages
  • To create a local solution for the local communities served by the schools in the partnership
  • To raise aspirations and educational standards and share the great practice within all local schools
  • To work on the basis that all of our schools are equal partners – with opportunities for each school within the ATOM to celebrate what they already do well and to develop and improve the practice of all academies within the trust
  • To ensure that collaboration, nurture and challenge exists at the heart of our learning community with a culture of aspiration to educational excellence
  • To celebrate each schools unique and individual characteristics

In practice this means that all of the school staff in the eight schools are employed by the ATOM. Our expectation is that, unless it is part of a job profile, staff will work at the school they were appointed to. The ATOM recognises national pay scales and continuous service.

The Governing Bodies and Headteachers all believe that we are creating something special in Melksham by using this structure. We all believe that it will be of benefit to our young people and our schools. I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.