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Class 9

Welcome to Class 9's page! 

We are a class of Year 5s who are taught by Miss. Pepper with Mrs. Goulding to support us.


Here are a few important reminders for children and parents/carers: Year 5 participate in PE every Monday. Homework is still due every Wednesday, and goes home every Friday. "3 reads", which need to be completed as part of the homework, will be checked every Friday. There are also expectations stuck in the reading log and homework books to help clarify any queries. 


We are also incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to participate in Forest School for the academic year every Wednesday afternoon with Madam Milsom! Miss. Pepper has already decided the groups for each Term. However, if children are not respectful, do not follow instructions or misbehave during Forest School, children will be removed from the group and will not participate again during Year 5. Forest School children need to make sure they bring the appropriate clothing for each session otherwise they will not be allowed to join in for that afternoon.


The first topic we are learning about this year is called 'Pharaohs' and it is all about the Egyptians! So far, we are excited about this topic, and Miss. Pepper has already received some optional homework and research about it. 'Pharaohs' is a history based topic. Most of our afternoons will consist of history, art, DT or PSHE. No science this term!! Have a read about all of our fantastic learning, both morning and topic related subjects. 


We have started Term 1 with Rudyard Kipling's books: 'The Jungle Book' and 'Just So Stories.' During the first week we explored language and grammar skills, which were evident in 'The Jungle Book,' then used our new (& refreshed!) knowledge and role play skills to write a short narrative, using informal language and inverted commas, similar to that of 'The Jungle Book.' 


During our second and third week of English, we used 'Just So Stories' to explore different clauses, mainly sub-ordinating and relative clauses. The stories in this book are very entertaining and explain the origins of animals - how they came to be. We have especially enjoyed reading and listening to 'How the Camel got his Hump' and 'How the Rhino got his Skin.' We are using these ideas of animal origins and the use of clauses to write a diary entry and a short story. We will be writing a diary at the end of the second week, and our story during the third week. 


We have started this year with a focus on Number and Place Value. We tackled reading and writing numbers to 1,000,000, then moved onto negative numbers. Miss. Pepper was very impressed with our negative numbers skill and application! We moved onto counting forwards and backwards in steps to the power of 10, and have used this knowledge to help us with rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000.

Design and Technology

While learning about Pharaohs, we had the chance to make our own neme, which Pharaohs would wear. This activity required accurate measuring and cutting skills and some persistence! We all produced our own neme and are very proud of this end result. Below are some photos of us working hard, and a few finished nemes.

Neme making

Neme making 1
Neme making 2
Neme making 3
Neme making 4
Neme making 5
Neme making 6
Neme making 7

Fantastic Homework!

Homework has changed this year! You now only have to read 3 times, practise your spellings and complete a number facts maths activity. However, there is optional homework if you wish to complete which require abit more effort. Here are examples of some these fantastic optional pieces:

Picture 1 Pyramid built from lego