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Distinctive Learners

Distinctive Learners

The Manor School aims to support the learning of all pupils. Pupils with particular gifts and talents are recognised as distinctive learners at The Manor. It is essential that these pupils are recognised and helped to reach their full potential.

We are working to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment, which offers opportunities for all pupils to shine and develop an enthusiasm to become learners for life. We encourage pupils to become independent, deeper thinkers and problem solvers.

It is important to remember that pupils identified as distinctive learners in one area, may not display this strength in other areas of the curriculum or in Social and Emotional situations. The Manor prides itself in providing a holistic approach to education, to ensure all needs, including emotional and social, are met.

Teachers are skilled at providing challenge and depth of provision to consistently deepen pupils understanding. This ensures that pupils do not need to be removed from their class or cohort in order to be stretched. 

Different areas of distinctiveness 

Gifted: Pupils who demonstrate a higher level of ability than most pupils in their cohort in one or more areas of the curriculum. Guidelines suggest that the ‘gifted’ cohort should represent no more than 7% of the year group.

Talented: Pupils who demonstrate a marked aptitude in physical, artistic, creative, musical or performance areas. Guidelines suggest that the ‘gifted’ cohort should represent no more than 3% of the year group.

Able: Pupils who demonstrate a higher level of ability than most pupils in their cohort in a wide range of subjects. These abilities often appear as academic, based on their advanced skills in literacy and numeracy. 

How we meet the needs of distinctive learners 

Within the Curriculum

The most important provision we provide is in the classroom, through effective planning and teaching. Challenge for distinctive learners can be achieved by adding :

Breadth : applying learning to a wider context

Depth: Delving deeper into a subject / topic.

Pace: Speed of curriculum coverage. depending on the task in hand.

The best provision incorporates a balanced mix of these. We ensure that differentiation is embedded in all lessons throughout the school. This ensures that pupils of all abilities all are being challenged by activities that allow them to progress, problem solve and develop deeper thinking. Teachers employ a range of questioning that allows pupils to not only offer their opinions but encourages them to justify and expand their answers. Topic teaching allows pupils to make links across the curriculum; opened ended activities enable them to apply the skills they have learnt to problem solve. Appropriate setting in Maths and English ensures that pupils are working at a level that will support and develop their skills; learning is consolidated and challenged. 


Through enrichment

In addition to the classroom provision, The Manor provides a variety of activities and opportunities to help, support and develop AG&T pupils. These activities often take place at Braeside, Devizes or Kilve Court, Somerset.

No pupil is denied access through financial hardship. Parents are encouraged to talk to the school regarding this matter.