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Good News Story Telling Week

4 November 2021
Good News Story Telling Week

This week is November is National Storytelling Week.

To continue our love of reading in school and celebrating diversity, we used multi-cultural stories of traditional tales. This also meant children could see how stories differ from culture to culture, noting similarities and differences.

EYFS, Year 1 and 2 used Errol's Garden

Year 3 & 4 used Billy and the Beast

Year 5 & 6 used Rapunzel

Throughout the week, the children have had time to re-tell the multi-cultural story using story maps and verbally.

The children have created a new character to be included in their story. Afterwards, they story mapped / re-wrote the part of the story which includes the new character.

Art was also incorporated into Storytelling Week. As well as designing their new character, children created prints which would illustrate the multicultural story which also included their new section and character.

After creating their prints, they re-told their story using the prints during their presentation / re-telling.

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