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Class Update

Year 3/4 Class Update Term 2

20 January 2020
Year 3/4 Class Update Term 2


In Year 3/4, our project focused on The Shang Dynasty. We spent the term learning about the different social classes of this particular time in history Then, we created bronze clay pots with social class engravings around the outside as our final outcome. We children particularly enjoyed learning about the importance of the army and of course designing, making and evaluating their brilliant bronze clay pots.


In writing, we read the book ‘The Tear Thief’ which told the story of an invisible girl who stole people’s tears! In our narrative writing, we wrote an alternative ending and, in our non-fiction, created an advert advertising a for a new Tear Thief. We worked hard on improving our use of adverbial phrases, power of 3, similes, inverted commas, rhetorical questions and imperative verbs! We all produced fantastic writing!


Our focus in reading last term was identifying themes and sharing and discussing the view point of others. We used ‘The Tear Thief’ to support us with these skills. We also explored unfamiliar vocabulary, including ‘perched’, ‘efficient’ and ‘punctual.’


In science, we began our topic of ‘animals, including humans.’ We learned about the carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, as well as the food groups, what types of food were in these groups and their functions for our bodies. We even compared a shopping list from Mrs Gordon and Miss Shires to find out who had the healthier diet and also how they could improve their diet! We are looking forward to learning more about this topic in Term 3. One of our challenges was to sorting lots of different foods into ‘energy-giving’, ‘maintenance’ and ‘body-building’ foods as we found out some foods can give us more than one benefit!

Proud Moments

We are really proud of the fantastic maths work we have learned and produced! Year 3 have been busy learning about multiplication while Year 4 have focused on shapes. As well as our maths, we are proud of our team building skills! We spent an afternoon mixed up across the phase to participate in team games and our teachers thought we worked wonderfully together.

Miss Pepper and Miss O’Kane would like to say a big well done to all the effort and enthusiasm Year 3/4 have shown this term in all of their learning!

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