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Class Update

Year 6 Class Update Term 2

20 January 2020
Year 6 Class Update Term 2


In Term 2 our project was Brazil. We used geographical and mathematical skills to study the human and physical geography of the country. We used atlases and a variety of maps to locate the country within the continent of South America and to identify the countries that border Brazil. We also used maps to locate different environmental regions and major cities within the country.

We learnt about the differences and similarities between the lives of young people living in the favelas and those living in the more exclusive neighbourhoods of Rio de Janiero. We also began to think about the reasons why people living in rural areas are drawn to the major cities. We also examined the challenges faced by the Awa indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest.

Our final outcome was to use all the information, knowledge and skills learnt over the term to create our own non-fiction book entitled, ‘Welcome to Brazil’.

The children particularly enjoyed the Samba percussion workshop in which they had the opportunity to play several instruments which are used to create the traditional samba rhythm. They also enjoyed finding out about the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra and creating their own masterpiece in his style.


In writing we wrote stories based on the events in the animation Lighthouse. Using the same animation, we went on to write a news report to recount the events from the perspective of different eye witnesses.

We worked hard to improve our skill of using inverted commas for speech combined with the skill of show, don’t tell to describe character emotions.


Our focus in reading last term was to use skimming and scanning to locate information.

We worked really hard to get better at reading the question to understand what was being asked of us so as to more effectively find the answer in the text.


In Science we have been learning about Evolution and Adaptation. We studied how both plants and animals have adapted to their environments and looked specifically at the work of Charles Darwin and his study of the finches in the Galapagos. Finally, we learnt that when living things reproduce, they pass on characteristics to their offspring. This is known as inheritance.

One of our challenge was to create our own animal and explain how it had adapted to live in its environment.

We are really proud of the artwork we created in the style of the Brazilian graffiti street artist Eduardo Kobra. As parents at the showcase will testify, the use of colour and Brazilian figures created quite a sight! Our quizzes on Brazil also kept our adults on their toes!

We are also proud of the kindness advent calendars we created at the end of the term; it was great to see Year 6 coming up with all of the acts of altruism that they either have, or are planning to, partake in.

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