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Finding the Code to Develop Digital Skills

16 September 2019
Finding the Code to Develop Digital Skills

Technology and digital programs are increasingly becoming essential to our daily lives. Whether you use purpose-built software at work or mobile apps to keep up with the latest news, there is no avoiding our growing reliance on digital programs.

It stands to reason, then, that the highly sought-after ability to develop and produce these programs is only likely to become more valuable in time. In September 2018, Real Business highlighted the “chronic skills shortage” in the coding industry, and just one month later, The Guardian called coding a “futureproof” skill that “you have to learn”.

Today is the start of National Coding Week, a relatively new event established to encourage more people to learn how to code. Through fun and engaging digital events, those involved are introduced to coding and start to develop their skills in the field.

At The Manor Primary School, we believe it is our responsibility to introduce pupils to as many valuable skills as possible. In doing so, we provide a diverse learning experience that empowers each child with the ability to follow the future path of their choosing.

As coding continues to be a skill coveted by employers, it is incredibly valuable for children to understand the basics of writing code. By celebrating National Coding Week, we hope to inspire some of our students to pursue an interest in programming. Who knows — it might just lead to a highly lucrative and successful career.

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