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We’ve Got a Brand-New Library!

6 January 2020
We’ve Got a Brand-New Library!

Have you heard the good news? Our brand-new library is now open for our pupils to enjoy.

Early in December, after a full refurbishment, our library was reopened with a new look. We’d like to thank our wonderful Parents, Teachers, and Friends Association (PTFA) for raising the necessary funds.

Reading is a big focus at our school. Literacy is a core skill that is essential for every child and one which is important for their progress in other subjects. By opening our new library, we’re helping our children develop a reading habit that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Kacie, an avid reader from year 4, said: “It is really bright now and a place where children will want to come and be.” We totally agree! The space is already being put to great use by our enthusiastic pupils.

We would love for our children to be inspired to read at home, as well as at school. That’s why we encourage all parents and carers to support their children in reading as much as they can.

Everyone at The Manor would like to give another huge thank you to the PTFA and everyone else who contributed to our brilliant new library! Access to great resources like this hugely enriches our pupils’ school life.

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