The recent Year 6 trip to Home Farm in Beaulieu was a resounding success, filled with memorable experiences for all involved. Throughout the week, the Year 6 students engaged in a variety of activities that combined learning with fun. Long walks provided opportunities for exploration and appreciation of the natural surroundings, fostering a deeper connection with the outdoors. Interacting with animals at the farm was a highlight, as students eagerly fed and interacted with the farm's residents, gaining insights into animal care and behavior.

A particularly exciting outing took the students to the beach, where they enjoyed searching for shells and eating their lunch on the seafront. This excursion not only offered a refreshing change of scenery but also allowed the students to bond further as they shared in the joy of beach activities.

Overall, the Year 6's had a fantastic time at Home Farm, Beaulieu, creating lasting memories and forming stronger bonds with their peers. The trip provided valuable learning experiences outside the classroom, fostering independence, teamwork, and a deeper appreciation for nature and the environment.