School Trips

The Manor School arranges a variety of school trips for pupils throughout the year. Each trip is designed to help your child learn in a different environment while having fun and developing their social skills.

Enriching Experiences

We are passionate about providing the children with a range of enrichment opportunities to deepen their understanding and bring learning alive! Whenever possible, a topic will include a trip linked to the key ideas the children are exploring and learning about.

While we make every effort to keep costs to a minimum, we may need to ask parents for voluntary contributions to help fund these valuable experiences. Please be aware that if the school receives pupil premium (PP) funding for your child, these trips will be paid for.

Strengthening Social Ties

Our school trips are also designed to give your child the opportunity to unwind, to be rewarded for their efforts and achievements, and to strengthen their social bonds with other pupils.

Fun, memorable experiences held beyond the classroom will leave your child with a positive outlook on their education, and present important opportunities for them to demonstrate the skills and values they have learned in school.

Back in the classroom, these shared experiences can be called on to reinforce and energise your child’s learning.

Looking for a School Trip Form?

To find forms related to a specific school trip, please visit the letters and forms section of our website.

Questions about School Trips?

If you’d like to know more about the school trips we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.